Clean Car Club Membership


Wash your car as often as you like during the month with your Clean Car Club Membership.  You can wash your car with our top $12 Ultimate wash every day, and you get unlimited access to our industrial-strong vacu...

Clean Car Club Membership

We are located on the corner of 57th street and Marion Road in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  We have a second location opening in July at the corner of 26th and Sycamore.  

We are the home of the Clean Car Club, where members get unlimited washes of our top end wash any time they want.  One monthly fee of $29.95 and no long term contract.  Each member gets their unique smart card that shows their membership, and presented to our staff their wash is free for that vehicle.  We offer free super strong vacuums with any wash purchase.  

Simply pull into our locations and enter toward the rear of the building, and we have a friendly courteous staff, apply bug remover to your vehicle.  Then we hand wash the exterior of your car with high pressure wands, and soft cloth brushes.  As you sit in your vehicle, our wash system moves your car through a number of wash stations including our 1000 point soft cloth miters, wheel clean up, and triple foaming polish area.  At the end of the wash your car is dried with 10 high performance air dryers.

Silverstar Car Wash (605) 361-3557 - 4916 S Marion Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

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